Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Joseph,
Well, you now have a cousin. Your aunt Tammy and Uncle Ben had a baby girl who they have named Adena (but I think a lot of people will call her Ady). Just think, as you two grow up, you will be her big cousin, and she will learn a lot by watching what you do. That is how a lot of us learn to do things and how to behave. We watch good people, like your mom and dad, and see how they handle different problems. That way, we learn from their experience and then try it out to see how it works for us.

You will be two years old very soon and able to do more and more things each day. I hope I will be able to watch you grow up, along with Adena, so that I can take joy in all that you do.

Don't forget to send pictures of you, mom and dad. I miss not having you guys closer, and the pictures help me to stay in touch with how fast you are growing. I love the videos mom sends me of you doing all sorts of stuff. Just remember:

Papa loves you

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Jojo said...

I call her Dena, Papa.