Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear Joseph,
Papa is far away in San Francisco, California. It is my 68th birthday, and I am here to do my cardiology teaching seminar. All things considered, I would rather be home with Grandma and You, Squeaky and your moms and dads...especially since Sunday is fathers' day.

Don't forget to give your dad a big hug. He loves you so much, and he is a good man.

And remember,
Papa loves you

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Joseph,

Happy birthday, again, and thanks for the great pictures. You are one good looking dude. I have to say that my favorite pic is the one of you next to the piano as you hold up your hand. It looks like you have just finished playing some sonata or something and have stood to acknowledge the thunderous applause of the audience. Or maybe the photographer told you to hold your hand up. No matter, it is a great shot.

Already 2 years old. My how time flies. My how you've grown. My how you continue to bring joy to so many live.

Papa loves you.