Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Joe,
I really had fun listening to grandma's stories of her visit with you, and I am anxious to see you and your two room mates next month. I can see in the pictures and on the computer that you are changing and growing quickly.

Let me know what you want to do when you are here. I can let you float in a kayak near shore. We can set up a tent in the back yard, or just aggravate the neighbors.

I miss you, so come fast.

Papa loves you.


Joe said...

I like all of those ideas, Papa. I am also really into musical instrument, too! Grandma bought me a slid whistle when she was here and said I could have a guitar once I have learned to use the potty!

Silbs said...

OK> Maybe I could play a lttle trumpet for you. I mean play the trumpet a little for you.

Joe-Joe said...

That would be fun, Papa. Visit us again soon, will ya?


unknown said...

No letters since October. I'm sad. :-(