Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Joe,
I miss you, but Mom keeps me posted with phone pictures so I can see how you are growing. I hope you will remember the wonderful wedding weekend when we were all just together.
Wasn't it fun? Oh man, how all the little gals wanted to dance with you. One day you will get the hugeness of this. Come see Grandma and me soon.

Papa loves you.


Joseph said...

Papa, we already have our train tickets for Thanksgiving! We get to also take the bus and the metro to get to Union Station. Daddy showed me the tickets and Mommy keeps telling me that the train is a lot of fun. I hope they let me being Bee on the train. They wouldn't let me bring him to preschool.


Silbs said...

That's so great. I bet they let you bring Bee along. I can't wait to see you and what you do to the house :) Papa