Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Joseph,

It was wonderful to see you and the two people who rent space with you. I was impressed on how well your vocabulary is coming and how well you are beginning to express yourself. You are really growing up fast.

Now, it's your turn to visit Papa. You can bring your mom (I guess dad has to work). Grandma will be here with some other less famous relatives including Aunt Tammy (and her female fetus) and Uncle Ben Weiss.

If it works out right, we might be able to get over to the swimming pool (indoor) where Papa will show you some kayakers doing stuff in their boats.
I already miss you, and really look forward to seeing you soon.

Papa loves you.


Joe Joe said...

Ok, Papa. I'll bring my swimming suit. Let me know if you want mommy to come too.

Mine's said...

JoJo I maybe your less "famous" relative but I am one of your most important.

Lots of love your
Aunt Tammy