Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear Joe,
  It's Papa in Milwaukee, and I've missed you and been wondering what you have been doing.

  I have been teaching at two schools and doing some kayaking. This weekend I will be in Madison for a boat show called Canoecopia.
  Winter here in Milwaukee has been mild, but we are expecting a lot of snow later today. That will make it hard to drive.
  I am sending you some pictures. If you like any of them, Mom can save them on the computer.
Here is Papa on Lake Michigan last week.
Here's a picture of a deer that was right outside our window the other day. I hope we see some animals when you come to visit Grandma and me.

Heres' a picture of you and Dad that I keep on my computer.
Start making a list of what you want to do when you come to visit. Send me the list every day so I can see what I can arrange. In fact, let's write every day so I know what you are doing at home and in school. Okay? Let's do it by e-mail....and always remember,
Papa loves you.

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Joe said...

I'll be there tomorrow, Papa! I am bringing A LOT of books to read!