Friday, August 22, 2008

Hail to the Mouse

Dear Joseph,

You just went with the family to Disney World in Florida to celebrate Grandma Linda's birthday. I know you don't remember the trip because you were 14 months old at the time. You were a handful and exhausted all of us.

Four generations of the family were there including Bubbie, your mom and dad, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Ben Weise (some day someone will explain why that is funny), Grandma Linda, Papa, Aunt Robin and Uncle Henry. We all flew there and back on airplanes.

As you will know by time you can read this, Disney is a fantastic place with all sorts of rides. You, however, went on no rides but, rather, entertained yourself by running through all the water spouts and climbing on everything you could find. The only time you were quiet (for ten whole minutes) was when I was holding you and you were listening and watching the Japanese drummers. Seems like you like music and rhythms of all kinds.

Although you don't remember the trip, the rest of us do. It was important to us because we all could get together and because you were there. I am sure mom and dad will have pictures to show you. My hope is that I can be around to do some of these things with you when you are at an age at which you can enjoy them...and remember them. That's what families do.

Papa loves you.


goooooood girl said...

Very good......

Mr. Joseph said...

New post, please!

Mr. Joseph